School Email Addresses…

The grade fours have set up their school email addresses.  These school email addresses can be used to send and receive emails to do with school, but they will also be needed when the students are blogging.

When it comes to emailing, the following points from the ‘Oatlands Primary School Acceptable User Agreement for Internet and Digital Technologies’ are important to remember.

When I use digital technology I agree to:

  • be a safe, responsible and ethical user whenever and wherever I use it
  • support others by being respectful in how I communicate with them and never write or participate in online bullying (this includes forwarding messages and supporting others in harmful, inappropriate or hurtful online behaviour)
  • seek to understand the terms and conditions of websites and online communities and be aware that content I upload or post is my digital footprint
  • protect my privacy rights and those of other students by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and images
  • use the internet for educational purposes and use the equipment properly
  • use social networking sites for educational purposes and only as directed by teachers

To read the full Internet User Agreement click here: Internet User Agreement

Make sure you always remember your Student Agreement when you are emailing!

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