Making Quality Comments

Mrs Paterno has been teaching the Year Fives how to write quality comments.

Here are the rules we follow when we are making quality comments

  • Begin like a letter (Dear . . . )
    • Compliment the writer (Be specific)
    • Add new information about the topic
    • Make a connection (Comment on something that is similar between you and the topic of the blog post)
  • Ask a question
  • Finish like a letter (From . . . )
  • Carefully proof read and edit.
  • Remember not to include any personal information, especially your last name

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5 thoughts on “Making Quality Comments

  1. Dear Mrs Brough
    As I read the post I felt sad because people were talking about him.
    I think the person sitting next to him was Jack will who’s at beside August.
    From Harvey

  2. Dear Mrs Brough
    As I read the post I felt sad because people was talking about him and I think that jack sat next to him.
    from Ethan 4TN

  3. Dear Mrs Brough,
    I feel worried for August because I think Julian might bully him. I remember when I went somewhere I did not know so I got scared. I think Jack Will would sit next to August.
    From William

  4. Dear miss Brough
    This reminds me getting bullied
    I think jack is asking to sit


  5. Dear Mrs Brough and Mrs Mcleod,
    I felt sorry for August because he was getting bullied.
    I think Jack Will asked if he could sit next to August.
    From Paige

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