BYOD Program Update for 2017


Hopefully you managed to make it to the BYOD Info Night held on Tuesday evening. If you were unable to attend, please make sure you’ve picked up an information pack from the library. This pack contains important information regarding changes to the devices we will be using as of 2017.  Whilst the change from iPads to Google Chromebooks will be immediate for the classroom devices, it will be a three year phase out process for all students involved in the BYOD Program. 

Click here to access the slide deck from Tuesday’s presentation

Click here to access the updated FAQ sheet from the info pack

If you have further questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to visit the Information Literacy team in the library.

Miss Crowther

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iPad Photo Scavenger Hunt

For our final session of Information Literacy in Term 2, the Level 4 students completed an iPad photo scavenger hunt! There were 40 different objects and things they needed to hunt for and take an artistic and creative photo of.

Year 4

Once they completed 40 – photo challenge, they had to select their best photos then label and display them in a Pic Collage. Below are some of the final products – looks like we have some budding young photographers on our hands!

phoenix and ariana IMG_0432 Dakaz and Darren Maddy and Tay Tay Maddy and TayTayBrooke and Amelia

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Back in the Kitchen

Over the last two weeks the grade fours have been cooking up a tasty savoury treat in the kitchen…Rice Noodle Cakes. It was a great recipe for them to make as it only had seven ingredients and three steps to follow.

Photo 31-08-2015 5 36 29 pm


There were lots of happy faces as they munched their way through their delicious cooking. Another successful time in the kitchen. Thanks Vicky!

The fours are all looking forward to next term when we make something for Christmas but ssh it’s a surprise 🙂

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Padlet is a great way to create and collaborate in the classroom. It works like a sticky note. You get a blank screen to put on whatever you like. It can be used for brainstorming, noticeboards, answering questions and note taking. The ideas are endless.

We thought we’d give it a go and see how well the grade fours could answer a question and organise their thoughts about one of the characters in the book we are reading – Wonder by R J Palacio.

The question was ‘Why is Summer friends with Auggie?’

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Predator X

From BBC Earth

“In 2006, a fossil was dug out of a frozen island high in the Arctic. It was a colossal marine reptile, twice as big as most ocean predators, at 15 metres long and weighing about 45 tonnes. This was Predator X, the most powerful marine reptile ever discovered. Its skull alone was nearly twice the size of a tyrannosaurus rex’s, and its bite force unmatched by anything in the Jurassic seas.”

What strategy does the Kimmerosaurus use to evade Predator X?

Please answer this question, as a comment, using the format we have taught you.

  • Begin like a letter (Dear…)
  • Make a connection – tell us how you felt when we read you this blog post
  • Rather than write a question this time we want you to answer this question. Make sure you write your answer in a sentence. What strategy does the Kimmerosaurus use to evade Predator X?
  • Finish like a letter (from…)
  • Carefully proof read and edit
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Welcome Back…

Hi Grade Fours. We hope you had a great holiday and are ready to have some FUN in Info Lit this year. Ms McLeod and I are very excited to be teaching you…

It’s going to be a very exciting year. Your own iPads…how AWESOME is that!!! We can’t wait to see how you have personalised them.

We are looking forward to showing you some new and exciting things on the iPads, as well as revising some of the apps you have already learnt. I’ve already told Ms McLeod how CLEVER you all are!

First term is all about setting your iPad up to use at school, revising the core apps and learning more about cyber safety.

We will be reading some great books and we have chosen David Walliams new book Awful Auntie to kick start the year. Of course there will be fun with activities along the way. The kitchen is already booked for term one 😉

Your Info Lit lessons will be on Mondays and Tuesdays. Your first lesson is in week 2. Enjoy your first few days back at school and Ms McLeod and I will see you soon 🙂

Mrs Brough 🙂

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