Spark PAGE

Last week we took a look at two new apps – Adobe Spark Post is for social graphics and Adobe Spark Video for animated videos.


This we looked at Adobe’s third app – Adobe Spark Page for web stories. Spark Page allows users to mix text, videos, images, animations, and effects into an engaging blog post style. This app builds on on similar features and concepts from Post, it’s easy to combine various forms of media into a blog post with the same kinds of automated design effects. It’s a great way to SHARE your story.

img_0897 img_0898

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Adobe Spark Post and Spark Video

Adobe have recently released three new apps – Spark Page, Spark Post  and Spark Video. Within minutes you can now turn your ideas into impactful and professional quality social graphics, web stories and animated videos.



This week we took a look at Spark Post and Spark Video.

Spark Post is a fun fast way to create images and posters. No design experience is required. Each tap gives you new layouts, colour palettes, typography styles and filters. It’s easy to share your design via your favourite social platforms, text or email.



Spark Video is a video story telling application available on the iPad and computer. It combines motion graphics, audio recording, music, text and photos to produce short, animated, narrated explainer videos.


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…Strip Designer…

strip designerOver the next couple of weeks we are looking at the app Strip Designer. It is a paid app and cost $4.49.

It lets us create our own personal comic strips and documents. You can include photos, drawings, text boxes, speech bubbles and stickers. It’s another great presentation app that could be used at home for homework or projects.

These are just some of the skills we will be learning to help create our data grids…

  • Creating a new document
  • Naming your document
  • Creating a grid layout
  • Changing paper size to A4
  • Changing background colours
  • Inserting a photo
  • Adding frames
  • Changing photo layout to include text
  • Editing text – font, colour, size
  • saving and printing
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Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.32.14 am

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking closely at Keynote and teaching you a variety of skills. We will make basic presentations so you can learn and practice as you go. We will step you through each skill and help you along the way.


Here’s a list of the skills we will cover:

  • creating a presentation
  • choosing a theme
  • adding new slides
  • choosing different layouts
  • reordering and deleting slides
  • adding pictures from the camera roll
  • selecting pictures, cropping and changing their size
  • formatting pictures with the paintbrush – changing style, style options, borders, colour, width and line
  • adding text
  • formatting text with the paintbrush – size, colour and font
  • formatting text boxes with the paintbrush – changing style, fill and border with colour, width and line
  • animation and transitions
  • printing
  • saving presentations
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Term Three Already…

Welcome back…

This term we will continue to read Wonder by R.J. Palacio and find out a little bit more about Auggie but from a different perspective. We will hear from Via, Summer and Jack and how they see and feel about August.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.32.14 amOn the iPads we will also look at Keynote and the Information Literacy Process in detail to produce a major piece of work for the term. Keynote is a free app unless your iPad is pre September 2013 then it cost $12.99.  It’s a presentation app that allows you to add photos, text, transitions, animation and video. Please make sure you have the Keynote app on your iPad ready to use for our first lesson.

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It was 4TC, 4SF and 4WS’s turn in the Kitchen this week.

Over the past two days 4TC, 4SF and 4WS have had their chance to have some fun in the kitchen and make something delicious. The jam doughnut muffins were a hit with the grade fours…they enjoyed their school cooked treat. I know their teachers appreciated the hot jam doughnut muffins too! Hopefully they took the recipe home to make some for you 🙂

Photo 16-06-2015 8 07 09 pm

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Making Juggling Balls

This week 4WS had a go at making their own juggling balls. They were shown an instructional video to give them some clues on how to go about making them.

They were supplied with the following materials:

  • scissors
  • tape
  • funnel
  • measuring cup
  • rice
  • balloons

Then in pairs they had to make three juggling balls each and create an instructional video of their own using the Shadow Puppet app. Of course this created great excitement and mess! Lucky they know how to have fun but still clean up 🙂

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Our Favourite Work


Fold Man Bright Idea

Select your topic.

Think about this year.

What was your favourite piece of work?

Camera APp

Take a Photo

  • Consider
    • focus
    • background -not too busy, no reflections
    • close up – no zoom and no cropping
    • Placement – side on, centre or not centre
ios 8 photos icon

OR Find a Photo

Look through your camera roll and find a piece of work that you really enjoyed creating.

notepad icon

Write your text in Notes.

What did you do?

What did you learn?

Why did you like it?

Finish with your first name.

wordpress icon

Creating a Post

Open Word Press

Click on posts

  • Click on the Pencil and the Plus in top right hand corner
  • Touch Post Title and type you title name
  • Touch Share your story here and enter the text for your post (cut and paste from the notes app)
  • Make sure to read and edit your post (check spelling and punctuation)
  • Click on the Photo icon (box with the mountains inside)  to add your photo
  • Choose camera roll and select the photo you wish to use and touch done
  • Go to settings and choose Categories and find your name. Touch it to select it and a tick will appear beside your name
  • Click on Options in the left hand corner, then back
  • Click on Post in the right hand corner to post your blog post


It may take some time to upload your photo. Do not post until your picture has stopped appearing faded and is full colour.


To preview your work touch on the Eye icon in the bottom left hand corner

When you are finished bring your post to either your teacher or parent to approve

If we approve, touch Publish in the top right hand corner

Click on the names to see these student’s favourite pieces of work.




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