Bee Bot Fun…

Bee-BotWhile each grade four class rotated through the Kitchen, the other grade four classes were having some fun with the Bee Bots.

Bee Bots are a robot designed for children. They are easy-to-operate, and the little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation and problem solving. Its directional keys are used to enter up to 40 commands, which can send the Bee-Bot forward, back, left, and right. Pressing the green GO button starts Bee-Bot and it blinks and beeps at the conclusion of each command to allow children to follow the Bee-Bot through the program they have entered and then confirms its completion with lights and sound.

We asked the grade fours to choose one of the following challenges to complete. They were all very excited and couldn’t wait to start.

Challenge One

  • Make a Bee Bot Maze with Unifix Blocks.
  • Program the Beebot to travel through it.

Challenge Two

  • Make a Bee Bot trail using MAB. Include some tunnels.
  • Program the Beebot to travel through it.

Challenge Three

  • Make a Slalom course for your Bee Bot.
  • Program the Beebot to travel through it.

Challenge Four

  • Draw a set of eight animal cards. Each on a of 25 x 25cm  square of cards.
  • Tape your cards under the clear plastic grid.
  • Create a set of “Who Am I?” cards to match your animals. Ask other students to solve the puzzles and program the Bee Bot to travel to the correct square.

With the challenge set the grade fours set about creating trails and mazes for their Bee Bot to negotiate. The library was taken over, organised chaos happened, problem solving skills were needed, smiling faces and triumphant squeals could be heard as groups succeeded. It’s definitely an activity we could repeat 🙂

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It was 4TC, 4SF and 4WS’s turn in the Kitchen this week.

Over the past two days 4TC, 4SF and 4WS have had their chance to have some fun in the kitchen and make something delicious. The jam doughnut muffins were a hit with the grade fours…they enjoyed their school cooked treat. I know their teachers appreciated the hot jam doughnut muffins too! Hopefully they took the recipe home to make some for you 🙂

Photo 16-06-2015 8 07 09 pm

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Making Juggling Balls

This week 4WS had a go at making their own juggling balls. They were shown an instructional video to give them some clues on how to go about making them.

They were supplied with the following materials:

  • scissors
  • tape
  • funnel
  • measuring cup
  • rice
  • balloons

Then in pairs they had to make three juggling balls each and create an instructional video of their own using the Shadow Puppet app. Of course this created great excitement and mess! Lucky they know how to have fun but still clean up 🙂

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Shadow Puppet Edu

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.18.32 am

This week we will be using Shadow Puppet Edu (free.)

Shadow Puppet Edu can be used to:

  • combine photos and videos
  • add narration and music
  • Overlay text and draw on the screen
  • Share easily
  • Export finished videos

Giraffes, Parrots and Elephants

We will be making instructional videos.

Our first two videos will be to show the preps how to make giraffes and parrots.

When creating your videos remember to:

  • take all your photos as in the square format.
  • begin with a photo of the finished product
  • show all the materials you will need
  • have a photo and verbal instructions for each step
  • finish with a photo of the final product

You can improve your video by adding:

  • music
  • text
  • pointers
  • circles and arrows
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Our Favourite Work


Fold Man Bright Idea

Select your topic.

Think about this year.

What was your favourite piece of work?

Camera APp

Take a Photo

  • Consider
    • focus
    • background -not too busy, no reflections
    • close up – no zoom and no cropping
    • Placement – side on, centre or not centre
ios 8 photos icon

OR Find a Photo

Look through your camera roll and find a piece of work that you really enjoyed creating.

notepad icon

Write your text in Notes.

What did you do?

What did you learn?

Why did you like it?

Finish with your first name.

wordpress icon

Creating a Post

Open Word Press

Click on posts

  • Click on the Pencil and the Plus in top right hand corner
  • Touch Post Title and type you title name
  • Touch Share your story here and enter the text for your post (cut and paste from the notes app)
  • Make sure to read and edit your post (check spelling and punctuation)
  • Click on the Photo icon (box with the mountains inside)  to add your photo
  • Choose camera roll and select the photo you wish to use and touch done
  • Go to settings and choose Categories and find your name. Touch it to select it and a tick will appear beside your name
  • Click on Options in the left hand corner, then back
  • Click on Post in the right hand corner to post your blog post


It may take some time to upload your photo. Do not post until your picture has stopped appearing faded and is full colour.


To preview your work touch on the Eye icon in the bottom left hand corner

When you are finished bring your post to either your teacher or parent to approve

If we approve, touch Publish in the top right hand corner

Click on the names to see these student’s favourite pieces of work.




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Email and Contacts

Add an Account  Share a contact card

This week we started learning to use email on our iPads.

We learnt to:

  • Add a new account
  • Enter ourselves as a contact. We remembered not to include our personal details. Just our first names and email addresses.
  • Share our new contact card with a friend, via email
  • Download and save a contact card from our email.

Next week we will learn more about using email safely and sensibly.

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Grade 4WS Selfies

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