ChRiStMaS sTeM cHaLLeNge…

To start our Christmas FUN the fours were put to the test with this STEM activity. They were asked to create two free standing christmas trees using only the materials provided.

Tree 1: jelly tots, toothpicks and a paper plate

Tree 2: lego, base plate and bucket

Grades were split into four groups of 6, then split into 2 teams of 3. One group to work on the lego tree and one group to work on the jelly tot tree, swapping after certain times so each group worked on each activity a few times.

Each group was given 5 mins to discuss and plan and 2 mins to set up materials.

Of course there were rules...

  • No discussion between groups once timer has started
  • Lego can only be taken from the main box in the first 30 seconds of swap over.
  • If groups argued or misbehaved – time was taken off them as a penalty

Time intervals changed throughout the activity and an extra dip into the big lego boxes was allowed at least once. The concentration was amazing as well as the teamwork. There were some interesting design concepts, engineering and some colourful and unusual shaped christmas trees.

This was a successful STEM activity that produced lots of teamwork, discussion, redesigning and FUN…but the most exciting time came at the end when they got to devour the jelly tots 😉



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