This week it was all about learning from our mistakes and trying to find solutions to them. The grade fours were back creating mazes so they could complete a code for the bee bots to move around the maze. In other words we were debugging…

While they were working they were given a couple of questions to consider…

What did you find the most difficult?

  • coding

How did you try to fix this?

  • coding in small steps
  • changing the walls to suit the bee bots movements
  • fixing the maze so the track is wider
  • making smaller and less complicated mazes

What did you learn about coding?

  • It isn’t as easy as it sounds
  • it doesn’t always work the first time
  • it’s a set of instructions
  • you need to be very precise
  • it takes time to get it right
  • could need to test and retest
  • code in small steps

Success is SWEET 🙂 Well done Aiden, Jyotsna and Josh.


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