BeE-bOt MaZeS…

Our second CODING challenge involved bee-bots, cotton buds and a ruler.


The challenge was to build a maze using cotton buds and program a bee-bot to travel through the maze. Of course there were conditions:

  • the maze needed an entry and exit point
  • only one box of cotton buds (200 tips) could be used
  • the maze had to wide enough to fit a bee-bot through
  • a code had to be written for the bee-bot to get it from the start to the finish of the maze

img_0856We revised what we learnt from the previous week and discussed how precise coding is and how our algorithms needed to be simple and clear. We also talked about testing and retesting to iron out the bugs…

So mazes were restructured and rebuilt, new instructions were added and others deleted, in order to get the bee-bot from one end of the maze to the other.

This created great excitement, discussions and teamwork…










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