HaPpY HoLiDaYs :)

We have had a very full year learning new and exciting apps on our own iPads. From posting on blogs, core apps, info lit process, coding, cybersafety, STEAM activities and cooking in the kitchen.

Hope you have enjoyed your time in Info Lit this year – I certainly have! So it’s GOODBYE for now and you’ll just have to wait and see if I get to teach you next year…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Thanks for an AWESOME year 😉

Mrs Brough 

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wAgOn WhEeL sNoWmEn…

It’s Christmas …



So it’s back to the Kitchen again for the fours for some not so healthy Christmas cooking 🙂

Taking inspiration from this photo, Vicki and I came up with the idea of making our own white chocolate wagon wheels and then adding a snowman to the top.

So armed with marie biscuits, marshmallows, jam and white chocolate, liquorice, m & m’s and edible ink pens the fours set about making a wagon wheel snowman.


As you can see from these happy faces in 4SF it was an awesome lesson…full of laughter, fun and Christmas cheer 🙂

Rather than give all the fours a recipe they were asked to take photos along the way and then use these in a Pic Collage or Strip Designer with a list of the ingredients and the method. That way they had a digital copy of the recipe stored on their device.

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ChRiStMaS sTeM cHaLLeNge…

To start our Christmas FUN the fours were put to the test with this STEM activity. They were asked to create two free standing christmas trees using only the materials provided.

Tree 1: jelly tots, toothpicks and a paper plate

Tree 2: lego, base plate and bucket

Grades were split into four groups of 6, then split into 2 teams of 3. One group to work on the lego tree and one group to work on the jelly tot tree, swapping after certain times so each group worked on each activity a few times.

Each group was given 5 mins to discuss and plan and 2 mins to set up materials.

Of course there were rules...

  • No discussion between groups once timer has started
  • Lego can only be taken from the main box in the first 30 seconds of swap over.
  • If groups argued or misbehaved – time was taken off them as a penalty

Time intervals changed throughout the activity and an extra dip into the big lego boxes was allowed at least once. The concentration was amazing as well as the teamwork. There were some interesting design concepts, engineering and some colourful and unusual shaped christmas trees.

This was a successful STEM activity that produced lots of teamwork, discussion, redesigning and FUN…but the most exciting time came at the end when they got to devour the jelly tots 😉



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The week, the fours had been waiting for…finally it’s MINECRAFT time

Clicking on the picture below takes you to the challenge, just make sure you click on the right option – Minecraft Adventurer


During this hour of code with Minecraft, the fours learn the basics of computer science. ‘Blockly’ teaches students to drag and drop to write programs and the concepts of commands, if statements and repeat loops.

img_0927 img_0928


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Spark PAGE

Last week we took a look at two new apps – Adobe Spark Post is for social graphics and Adobe Spark Video for animated videos.


This we looked at Adobe’s third app – Adobe Spark Page for web stories. Spark Page allows users to mix text, videos, images, animations, and effects into an engaging blog post style. This app builds on on similar features and concepts from Post, it’s easy to combine various forms of media into a blog post with the same kinds of automated design effects. It’s a great way to SHARE your story.

img_0897 img_0898

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it’s time to have a go @ Play Lab

This week the fours were set another challenge on Code Studio’s hour of code.

Click here to explore Play Lab








Could they conquer Play Lab as well as Flappy Birds???

They took on Play Lab to learn and find out a bit more about coding. Play Lab focuses on setting up a storyline, talking to other characters, directions, movement amongst several characters and finishes with the creation of your own game for friends to play. Awesome way to go about learning how to CODE.



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Adobe Spark Post and Spark Video

Adobe have recently released three new apps – Spark Page, Spark Post  and Spark Video. Within minutes you can now turn your ideas into impactful and professional quality social graphics, web stories and animated videos.



This week we took a look at Spark Post and Spark Video.

Spark Post is a fun fast way to create images and posters. No design experience is required. Each tap gives you new layouts, colour palettes, typography styles and filters. It’s easy to share your design via your favourite social platforms, text or email.



Spark Video is a video story telling application available on the iPad and computer. It combines motion graphics, audio recording, music, text and photos to produce short, animated, narrated explainer videos.


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Can you master Flappy Bird???

Click here to explore Flappy Bird


Just for FUN the grade fours were put to the test and asked to explore Flappy Bird on Code Studio’s Hour of Code. They had to master ten levels to earn themselves a certificate. Some found it easy, some worked methodically to complete each level and some were just FRUSTRATED…


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Evaluating OUR Learning…

This week the fours took the time to reflect and evaluate their own learning. After spending four weeks learning about coding and applying this in numerous tasks and games it was time to think about what they had learnt, what was difficult and what they were confident with. They were given time to consider their answers thoughtfully.

After answering these questions they had to decide if they were either:

  • a novice – just starting to learn this and I don’t understand it yet…
  • an apprentice – I can do this if I look at an example or get help
  • a practitioner – I can do this on my own without help…
  • or an expert – I can do this on my own and explain how to do it…

It was interesting to read their reflections and see where they think they are with their learning 🙂

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BYOD Program Update for 2017


Hopefully you managed to make it to the BYOD Info Night held on Tuesday evening. If you were unable to attend, please make sure you’ve picked up an information pack from the library. This pack contains important information regarding changes to the devices we will be using as of 2017.  Whilst the change from iPads to Google Chromebooks will be immediate for the classroom devices, it will be a three year phase out process for all students involved in the BYOD Program. 

Click here to access the slide deck from Tuesday’s presentation

Click here to access the updated FAQ sheet from the info pack

If you have further questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to visit the Information Literacy team in the library.

Miss Crowther

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